Saturday, December 22, 2007

Memory Board

My daughter asked me if I had a gift for her friend, Ginger. I sometimes make quilts or other gifts for her friends and I had mentioned something about making a yellow and black GA Tech quilt and adding appropriate embellishments. What gave me the idea was an UFO project that a friend of mine found when she was going through her mother's things and asked me if I would like it. Well I attempted to finish the quilt, but things just didn't go quite as I hoped.

The one on the right is the UFO. It came with lots of black and yellow rectangles to finish it. The edges are a little ruffly and the pattern is off. I decided to start from scratch (the one on the left). As you can see, my pattern got off too, plus I added a nice little curve. I have yet to figure out what to do with this mess. I got so discouraged, I just wadded everything up and stuffed it in a bag and forgot about it. So when Dora asked about Ginger's gift and she needed it by Friday when her and Ginger were meeting for lunch. I had to come up with something quick to make. Thursday morning at my Paradise Piecers Bee meeting I saw a memory board and thought, perfect! What was even better, Dora could make it. That afternoon we made a quick run to Hobby Lobby for supplies and came home with a yd of GA Tech fabric, black ribbon and a good sized artists canvass, the kind that is stretched over a wood frame. I already had scrap batting and buttons.

Ginger with her GA Tech memory board. The canvass worked great as a base. Dora was able to staple the the fabric and ribbon to the frame and then was able to sew the buttons on, right through the canvass.

Ginger and Dora at Applebees where we ate a very late lunch or early supper. My husband got a gift card as a gift from his boss and I kind of confiscated it and took the girls out to lunch.

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