Thursday, July 16, 2009

Day Four

This was day four of quilt camp.  Still having a good time and accomplishing quite a bit.  Sandra took me out to lunch.  We ate at the Meeting Place.  It has been around for years, but neither one of us had ever eaten there.  We had half a chicken salad sandwich, soup and a cookie.  It was good and reasonably price.  After lunch we made a quick stop at Hobby Lobby for 1/2 yd. of grass fabric that I needed for the sashing on the baby quilt I’m making for Dora to give to Aiden, Kristy’s baby.  I’ve got the top ready for borders, which I hope I can get on tomorrow, before the crazy border class.  The rest of the day will be taken up with that. 

Yesterday I finished my purse.


After I show ‘n tell it at the guild meeting Tuesday, I’ll start carrying it.  I really like this pattern.  This time I only used two fabrics on the outside.  Think I like it better with the contrasting pocket, but it looks ok this way too.

Terry was working on a real cute quilt this week.


It still needs borders.  She is making it for one of her granddaughters.

The Pincushion class was yesterday.


Busy at work making cupcake pincushions.  I hadn’t  planned to take the class, but Bev was working on another version of it that looked like the cupcake had frosting on it and I wanted to try my hand at one.  The only fabric I had was left over fabric from my purse, so I made a striped cupcake.


I’ll use different fabric next time, probably brown for chocolate or a cream color for vanilla.  Sandra suggested making the icing patch smaller.  Guess I’ll be making this version of the cupcake pincushion for Christmas presents.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Day Two

This was the 2nd day at quilt camp.  So far it has been fun.  I’m still working on my purse. The “four sided placemat” class was today and I  finished it.


It was a lot easier to make than I thought it would be. 

Yesterday I took a few pictures.


Here is Helen with her Dresden plate top that she was working on.


Judy at her work station.


As you can see, we also do a lot of socializing too, but we do get a lot accomplished.


Sandra and Wennell looking at a quilting book.

Tomorrow is the cup cake pincushion class.  I won’t be doing that, as I’ve already figured out my own way of making them.  Although Bev’s are real cute.  I like how she covered the bottom of the can with felt. 

I hope I can get my pursed finished tomorrow so I can get started on the baby quilt Dora wants me to make.  She came up with a cute, but easy pattern.  She needs to get some more fabric for the sashing, Don’t think 1/4 yd. will be quite enough.

The Allatoona Quilt guild met this morning.  Sandra and I went down for part of it.  I wanted to get my birthday FQ’s.  I got a lot of nice fabrics, mostly Orientals.  I asked for Orientals or reproduction fabrics.  I left them in the truck.  I’ll have to remember to get them out so I can drool over them some more.


These are the Ort Jars I made to match the pincushions.  They were pretty easy to make and turned out cute.


This is a picture of them closed up.

Can’t wait to go back to quilt camp in the morning.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Cup Cake Pincushion

Or maybe they are mushrooms. I re-did the first one and I like it a lot better, but think the top is a little too big this time. So, I made another one using a smaller circle. It turned out good too.


Now to decide which one I like best. Think a pincushion and a matching ort jar will be Christmas gifts for the Needle Turners Bee. The kitties will be eating lots of canned cat food for awhile.

Guess I’ll go try making an ort jar. Hope they are as easy to make as the pincushions.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Pickle Queen

That’s what a friend of mine called me.  I just made another batch of pickles this morning.  Made Sweet Pickle Sticks this time.  Next I want to try making Lime Pickles.  I’ll have to get some pickling lime.  Thought I had gotten it yesterday.  When I unpacked the grocery, found I had accidentally picked up a bag of canning salt instead.  I don’t relish having to go back to Wal Mart to exchange it.  Been debating whether to make some Sweet Pickle Slices.  They take two weeks to make.


These are the pickles I made this morning.


This is the pickles in the pantry.  There are dill, garlic dill, bread and butter pickles, sandwich slices, and mustard pickles.  Hope they all taste good. 

After making the pickles this morning, I turned my hand to making a cup cake pincushion.  This is how it turned out.


It isn’t quite how I wanted it to be.  Haven’t decided if I over stuffed it, or if I need to cut a bigger circle for the top.  Think I’ll try using a bigger circle on the next one.  They don’t take long to make, but I’ll have to wait till I feed the cats another can of cat food to make another one.  The bottom is a cat food can.  I clued the top on, but didn’t think it would stay, so ended up hand stitching it to the bottom.  Now I have to think how to cover the stitches that are showing.

I have my project for quilt camp next week, a baby quilt for one of Dora’s friends.  She is due this week-end.  Dora is at Hobby Lobby buying fabric to go with the Zebra print I had already gotten.  Also, have my supplies rounded up for the classes too.  Won’t be taking the pin cushion class, as I’ve already pretty well figured that one out.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

It’s My Birthday!

It’s my birthday.  I’m 29 and holding, unless a senior discount is involved.  The Paradise Piecers had my birthday party last Thursday and I got pretty brown fabrics.


One of the girls couldn’t make the party so I still have one more yard of fabric coming.  Hope it is as pretty as these are.  Now if I can just remember to use more browns in my quilts.  I do use browns occasionally, I’ve just never had a lot of browns, especially pretty ones.  In fact, I will be using some browns in the two crazy border quilts I want to make.  That is one of the classes at quilt camp in a couple of weeks


The western print is the fabric for the center and the other 12 fabrics are for the border.


This is the other one that I want to do.  The class isn’t until Friday, so I probably won’t even get the first one done.  Wish the class would have been on Thursday, so we would have more time to get them finished.  I need to check the guild web site again to see if I can down load the supply lists for the other two classes.  I haven’t decided yet if I want to make the cup cake pin cushion and the four sided placemat yet or not.  It depends on how much of the supplies I would need to buy.  My projects that I take to work on will be purses.  I have fabric and patterns to make three purses.  That is, if I get to go.

My fear right now is that my tomatoes will decide to all get ripe that week and I will be busy canning tomatoes and won’t get to attend quilt camp.  That would be terrible.  I look forward to the going to quilt camp three times a year when we have them.  Guess I’ll just have to wait and see if the tomatoes cooperate with my plans or not.