Monday, June 30, 2008

Monday, Monday

I think it was the popup blocker that was keeping me from posting pictures yesterday.

This is the the finished Four Patch and Friends quilt.Here is Kevin with his quilt. He is on the right. My son is on the left. I hope Kevin likes the quilt. It is hard to believe he is going to be 17, he sure doesn't look it.

Dora took this picture of a pretty orange moth that was on the side of our house near the front door. It slept out there all day and then disappeared that evening and we haven't seen it again.

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Where Did June Go?

This month sure has flown by! I can't believe it is almost over. I did make it to the 2nd Blooming 9-patch class and started sewing my 9-patch blocks. I worked on them some yesterday too. I haven't done much quilting this month.

I finally got pictures of a couple of quilts that I finished a few months ago. They have now gone to their new homes.

Well, it seems I'm not able to post any pictures today.

My de-cluttering project is kind of stalled. I was doing really well at cleaning the kitchen, but now I have stuff on the kitchen table that I don't know what to do with. Guess I should just move on and finish the rest of the things that need doing in the kitchen, like finish washing the outside of the cabinets and freezer and cleaning the inside of the fridge. Dora did help me with the storage room up-stairs. I'm sure there is plenty of stuff down stairs that could go up there, but I just don't want to clutter it up again so soon after cleaning it.

We have a new kitty. It's name is Socks, because of it's four white feet. It sure is playful. I haven't gotten around to taking any pictures of him yet. Or at least I'm hoping it is a him.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Roosting Round Robin Top Done

Finally, I got the last border on my roosting round robin that we did last year with AQG.

After several months of hunting and a few miss-acquisitions, I finally found this fabric. I'm still not real happy with it. It may be close to the right colors, but it seems a little washed out compared to the bold reds. Also, I don't think the design in the border fabric suits the top. Oh well, done is better than it staying an UFO.

I'm not getting very far with my de-cluttering of the house. I've managed to go through all the stuff that was in the spare bedroom and about half the stuff in the storage room. I've tried to tackle the kitchen and may have gotten rid of a couple of things. It is just too over whelming and depressing. I'm still tired from toting heaving trash bags down the stairs on Sunday.

Saturday is the 2nd Blooming 9-Patch class and I haven't even felt like cutting my strips and squares. Tomorrow is the only day I will be home all day to work on it and I've got so much other stuff that needs to be done. This week is just too busy! Monday morning I went to Sandra's to help her arrange her rows for the EVQG challenge that is due this month. Today was AQG meeting, Thursday the Paradise Piecers meet, Friday the Needleturners meet and of course the class all day on Saturday. My monthly and bi-monthly meetings all fell in the same week. This week just wasn't a good week for that to happen.

Last Thursday Sandra and I went to Hancock's. I got a package of batting at 40% off and a couple of batiks at 50% off and some Elvis fabric for Dora. Actually it is for her boyfriend's quilt that surprise, surprise, I will have to make.

The Allatoona guild had a silent auction today. I won the bid on a very pretty butterfly fabric.

13 yds. for $20.00, not bad. There were some co-ordinating pieces that I wanted, but I kept getting out bid. I finally had to pick one to keep bidding on.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Up And Running Again

My computer is now in my quilting studio for awhile anyway. I may move it again, but I've got a lot of organizing to do before then. We got the wireless network set up. I finally figured out why I couldn't print. It was stupid, but it is fixed now. So, my world is right, now.

Here are the fabrics I'm using in my Blooming 9-patch. Notice the new fabric in the #5 spot. I got it at Tiny Stitches. I think it actually works better than the other piece. Can't wait to get started on this.

Carolina Crossroads mystery top is done. It is nice and scrappy and I'm happy with the out come.

Maybe in between quilting sessions, I can find time to try to straighten out the house. I'd rather quilt.