Monday, June 25, 2012

That Time of Year

Canning season is here.  This is the first batch of green beans that I canned.  Did 10 pints.  Did another batch today and only had enough for 7 pints.  I'm getting a smaller canner that does 10 pints at a time.  It seems rediculous to be canning so few jars in a canner that holds 20 pint jars. 

The tomato plants are loaded with green tomatoes.  Some fried green tomatoes is sounding good.  Wonder if I have any cornmeal.  I'm pretty sure I have the rest of the ingredients.

 I saw this block at  .  I do like a   scrap quilt and am always on the look out for patterns.  The little center 9-patches are my new    leaders and enders project.  The original block called for using 1.5" squares, but I only have a very  small collection, so decided to use 2" squares for my blocks.  This is the block I made to make sure I  had all the   sizes right.  the sashing is 2" x 5" rectangles and I used 6.5" squares cut once on the diagonal for the corners.  My block is 10.5" finished.  When I'm cutting scraps I will try to cut   1.5" squares so sometime I can do the smaller 7" block.       

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