Monday, May 14, 2007

Quilt Camp and Mother's Day

Quilt Camp

Last week The EVQG had quilt camp at the Civic Center. We had lots of fun. There were several class, plus we worked on our own projects. I wish now that I would have signed up for the tote bag made from the pet screen and the bucket cover classes. I did do the other tote bag class. There was also a class for a very cute, but quick and easy quilt.

This is the tote bag that I made on Thursday. It went together real easy compared to some that I've made. I may still try to make the bag from the pet screen. I bought some Friday when we were in Lowe's, but I got the insect screen. I haven't unwrapped the roll yet, but am hoping it will work just as good. I'd better make it pretty soon, before I forget what it is supposed to look like. It will pretty well be my way, anyway, as I don't have the directions. I also bought the Simplicity pattern for the bucket cover Friday. I'm wanting to make the 5 gal. size. I didn't realize that it was included in the pattern, if I had, I might have signed up for the class. The ones the ladies made in class were for the 5 qt. bucket.

The main project that I worked on at quilt camp, were these little bags for the Civil Air Patrol. I made around 40 of them.

I did managed to start a scrappy star quilt that will be a wedding present.

Mother's Day

I got this red basket filled with fabric and a hand made card from my daughter for Mother's Day. She scanned some floral fabric I have in my stash and printed it out and then cut out the flowers, rescanned it and printed it out on the card stock.

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