Thursday, June 28, 2007

Explosion of Ugliness

I finally got the applique border on my roosting round robin that I'm doing with the Allatoona quilt guild. My daring eldest son has named it "Explosion of Ugliness". I resent that! Although I will admit it is not turning out quite like I envisioned.

I have one more border to add. It is one of "my choice". I have no earthly idea what to add. All I have are fat quarters that may or may not match well and scraps from the other borders. I'm using batiks and hand dyes and trying to use fabric from my stash. I didn't want to have to buy any fabric for it. Hancock Fabrics has batiks on sale, 50% off, 60% off on July 6th-8th. Right now it is mighty tempting. Maybe I could find something to pull this mess altogether.

I've also finished up my April and May UFO's. Better late than never.
April's is above. It is a Christmas panel that I've had for several years. I finally add a couple of borders and quilted it. May's is my very first T-Shirt quilt. It just needed the binding put on. I had commissioned to make one for a client and thought it might be nice if I had a little experience under my belt before I did theirs. So I used some of my old shirts to practice with. I made two before I tackled the customer's quilt.
I wonder if I could finish my "Bonny Baskets" top before the end of the month for my June UFO. I wonder what I did with those blocks and the fabric to finish the top. I really need to get started on my challenge quilt for the Etowah Valley guild. It is due at the Aug. meeting. It will be my July UFO. It is not really an UFO, but the UFO Challenge is with an on-line group that I'm in and they allowed us to but current projects on the list this year. I find the challenge helps to at least get a few of my UFOs done that might otherwise not get completed.

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