Sunday, June 8, 2014

Lots of Walking


The 90 Mile Yard Sale is this week-end.  We went yesterday. I’m still tired.  Dora and Cecile made out good.  They did so good that we had to drop off the 1st load before we could continue on. All I got was two Christmas ornaments for $1.00 each, a book for 50 cents and an office chair for David for $15.00. Oh, yes, and a cup of lemonade at our last stop where we did the most walking.  Plus, I bought our breakfast at Martin’s as we were starting our adventure. We drove around 115 miles even though we only did about 35 or 40 miles of the yard sale.



This picture is from our last stop and where we did the longest walk.  This is along Hwy 41 north of Cartersville headed toward Adairsville.  My truck is parked on the side of the road about 1/2 a mile down the road. We did 3 set-up spots along this strip.  Glad they only do this once a year.  That will give me a chance to get in better shape for all the walking required.



These pictures were taken the day before Mother’s Day.  I like the one of Lydia smelling the flowers.



The chickens are in their new home.  Think they like it.  So far I can tell that we have 1 rooster  and 1 hen.  I haven’t figured out what the other 3 are.  I’m thinking about just giving them to the man we got the eggs we hatched them from and ordering some hens from a hatchery. That way I can get the kind of chickens I want.



We down sized our garden this year.  I’m not planning on doing a lot of canning.  Mostly we just want to eat out of our garden this year.  We’ve got tomatoes, peppers, carrots, cantaloupe, cucumbers and green beans.

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