Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Community Service Project

the AQG had a community service project day on Tuesday. I was going to go, but decided with retreat starting Thursday, that was too much "gadding about". The block they are using for the project this time is like one I made several years ago. I alternated the "Crazy Nine-Patch" and "Stack 'N Slash" Star blocks in a quilt. I call it "State of Mind". See it on the left. I have no idea where I might have put the 9-patch pattern at, so, as it was a free pattern on the web, I decided to search the web for it. I was able to find one. The pattern says to use 9 squares of fabric, which makes 9 blocks. Of course I wanted 12 blocks, so I stacked 12 squares, which throws things off a little when it comes time to rotate the pieces. It was OK the first two cuts. I did get the top put together.
Now I need to make a couple more. I have another community service project I'd like to make it for, plus my daughter liked it too, and wants me to make her one.

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