Friday, July 13, 2007

Fabric Dying

Dora dyed about 5-3/4yd of fabric Wednesday afternoon. Here is a picture of her efforts.

Yesterday we took everything out of the wrappings and dried the fabric on the fence. The fabric we dyed using the Shibori wrapping method didn't turn out well, as the pictures below show. So I still don't have any fabric for my borders. The green is too much green and the other pieces that turned out aren't big enough. I need at least a yard to do the 5" borders. I might could figure out something for doing a pieced border, but I'm just not feeling that creative at the moment.
The larger piece of fabric on the left is the one I had hoped to use. The pieces on the right are the ones that are too green. I really like the bottom half of the two center pieces. It is a shame the dye didn't penetrate all the layers of cloth. Those two were done on the pole, the one on the left was done on the larger cylinder.

Here are the rest of the fabrics. The small pieces in the center are our mop rags. The solid green is the one that was in the jar. I stopped by Hobby Lobby after the Needle Turners Bee meeting and bought some more airbrush paint for dying. They were out of the forest green and gold that I wanted, so had to get some other shades. Maybe we can mix the colors and get something close to the colors I'm wanting. I got a package of 6, black, white, green, blue, yellow and red and used my 40% off coupon. Got another bottle of fuchsia, but had to get sunrise yellow, which is way to oranegy, instead of the goldish color I wanted. Maybe it will tone down with some yellow or white added to it. I bought some white Kona cotton to try dying and see how that does. Being the stubborn person I am and because I like the looks of the way the Shibori wrap method looked. I will probably try it again and try to get a better saturation of the dye into the fabric. Now to get Dora scheduled for another dying attempt. Hope things go better this time.

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