Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Challenge Quilt

I've been working on my challenge quilt for the Etowah Valley Quilt Guild challenge. I've made 10 blocks so far and have lots more to go. The quilt will be 65" x 85". I decided to do a good sized quilt this year instead of the wall hangings I've been doing in the past.

The fabric in the center of the stars in the middle row is our challenge fabric. The 3 Sister's Choice blocks on the bottom row are the challenge blocks. Plus we had to beg, barter, or steal some fabric from 3 of our quilting friends. I think I have all 3 of those fabrics in these blocks. So if worse comes to worse, and I don't get finished, I can put these 10 blocks together and still meet the rules of the challenge. I wanted to make my blocks with bright colors on a black background. Several years ago I was collecting a block of the month posted on the Internet done that way and it really caught my eye. I'm not sure were the pattern is right now and doubt that it had any Sister's Choice blocks in it. I decided to just make up my own layout.

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