Monday, December 15, 2008

Christmas Dinners

Last week was busy with three Christmas dinners to attend. Last Tuesday was the AQG Christmas Dinner. We had lots of good food. I took my usual deviled eggs. We had a tote bag exchange and I received a very cute tote.

On Thursday the Paradise Piecers had their dinner at the Fruit Jar Cafe. It was the first time I had eaten there. The food was pretty good, except I didn't care for their cat fish breaded with corn meal. The breading over powered the fish. I had the sampler meal with cat fish, steak strips, and chicken strips. The stake strips were good. I didn't get to try the chicken. I brought a doggy bag home and my daughter ate the leftovers when she got home from work. Guess she liked them, but she didn't care for the coating on the cat fish either.

We drew names and exchanged five fat quarters as our gifts. Sandy drew my name and gave me six very pretty fat quarters.

Here is a picture of our group. We also passed the crown to the new Queen Bee for 2009. That will be me. We all are taking turns being Queen Bee.

Friday, the Needle Turners went out to lunch. We had planned to go to Uncle Gus Dinner, but when we got there their power was out to the kitchen half of the restaurant. The strip mall they are in was having problems and every other unit was without power. We decided to go to Back Street Barbecue instead. It was good, but then I like barbecue and very seldom get to eat it, because Paul doesn't care for barbecue.

We exchanged gifts. I gave everyone an utility apron that I made. The girls seemed pleased with them. I got some cute gifts from them.

MaryBeth gave every one a batik FQ that she got on her trip to Alaska and some hand lotion.

Sandra made heart Christmas ornaments for every one.
Dot made everyone a cute little bag and put a FQ in it.

I think I made our very well this Christmas. I still have one more dinner. The EVQG is having a catered dinner tomorrow evening. I still have to get the seedless grapes to go with my gift. I've got the 1/2 yard of food fabric and the recipe for Waldorf Salad ready, just need the grapes to go with it.

I finished the X's and O's top. It turned out cute. I haven't taken a picture of it yet. I've got to make some curtains for Dora. She wants them lined. I've never lined any before, plus a valance too, all on a single rod. She has figured out how she wants me to do it. I'm just not in the mood. But it is her Christmas gift to her boyfriend. Curtains for his room. The curtains are a sheer black fabric with bats and the valance is a sheer black fabric with spider webs ad spiders. I don't do sheer fabrics very well. They are a pain it the ass to sew. I found that out many years ago when I used to make Dora's Halloween costumes.

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