Monday, December 1, 2008

Dreary in Georgia

This has been a cold dreary day with some sleet. It started raining Friday night and has been cold and rainy ever since. I'll be glad when winter is over.

I've managed to stay busy since the quilt show. Except while I took time out to be sick! I was making X's and O's blocks and LOVE blocks for a baby quilt when I decided to get sick.

These are 4" blocks. I still have some heart blocks to make. I found some hearts on the guild free table that I'm going use. I just need to frame around them to make them 4". Then I plan to throw in some left over four patch blocks and some crumb blocks and see what I come up with. Hope it turns out cute, I'm needing a baby quilt for a little girl.

November 10-14 EVQG had quilt camp all week at the civic center. I was just getting over being sick and was still really congested and short of breath. I managed to drag myself and all my stuff down there. As usual everyone had a good time. I didn't think to take my camera with me, so didn't get any pictures. I worked on a kit I bought last year at the East Cobb quilt show. The quilt is made from Kaffe Fassett's fabrics. I love his wild fabrics, but just don't know what to do with them. So decided a kit was safest.

This is Moonflowers from his Kaleidoscope of Quilts book. It was included in the kit. There was even enough fabric to do a pieced back. It is quilted, but I haven't had time to get the sleeve and binding on.

Sandra bought an older used Gammill long arm. She is having fun quilting on it. Of course it doesn't like me. She had me go over one day and quilt a community service quilt that I made. We both quilted on it and our quilting styles aren't the same. I've been afraid to look at. Needless to say it still needs the binding put on. Her long arm didn't do anything but give us trouble that day. Now that I'm not around, its been behaving beautifully for her.

I'm trying to make a T-shirt quilt for a customer. I've worried myself sick over it. It is a different lay out than any I've done before. Guess I have a preconceived notion of what a T-shirt quilt should look like and this one definitely doesn't look like it. Guess I've done so many of them that were nice and orderly 14" blocks with 2" sashing and corner stones, that I think all T-shirt quilts are supposed to look like that.

Well I do have 13x14 inch blocks, but in most of the blocks, I had to use two shirts. Than I had to fill in around them to get them to be 13x14. Instead of nice sashing with corner stones, I decided to frame around them log cabin style. I think it will look all right, except for the very middle block. I'm seriously thinking about taking the blue star fabric out and replacing it with a smaller star fabric. That fabric really stands out and three blocks in a row is just too much for me.

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