Monday, July 14, 2014

Still Doing June!



Will I ever get caught up on my Block of the Months?!  I’m still doing June’s.  I’m currently working on M for Murder.  I have finished quite a few. 


Tell It To The Stars June block.



Purple Sage for June.  I’m renaming it Purple Haze.



Vice Versa June Blocks.



The June Aurifil Block.



Globetrotting in June.  Don’t even remember where we went.  Australia, maybe.


And a new one.  Just what I needed!  Hope I don’t regret this.


The latest Saturday Sampler from Tiny Stitches.  This is the June block done in Kaffe fabrics. The other choices where red and the one my friends chose, blue and yellow.  I just had to be the odd ball.  There are four of us that go down together and then we stop off at Dunkin Donuts on the way home.  I missed our little outings.  We hadn’t gone in a year and a half.



Lydia’s boats. 


We leave Thursday for New York to visit relatives and my husbands class reunion.  we are taking Lydia with us.  Hope she travels well.  Grandma is getting a little short on patience in her old age and she can be very stubborn.

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