Thursday, February 5, 2015

My Trip To The Grocery Store


Grocery shopping is definitely not my most favorite thing to do. But someone has to do it and that would be me. Everything went fine until I got to the check out and than the gripy old lady in me came out.  The nice check out girl hung my bottled cokes over the edge of the buggy.  Then the bag guy showed up to help. 1st mistake, he decides to take the bottles off the sides of the buggy and set them in the buggy where my groceries need to go.  That got him a dirty look from me.  Then he puts the bagged lettuce and spinach in the bottom of a cooler bag and then shrugs his shoulders and pushes the orange juice that I got out of the cooler aside.  I had to tell him I wanted the juice in that cooler bag, making him have to repack the bag putting the juice, milk, and canned biscuits in.  So he thinks he’s through.  I have to ask/tell him to put the lettuce and spinach in on top of the other stuff.  This just did not make me feel like a nice sweet person.  I have yet to figure out how to politely refuse the offer to carry my groceries out to my truck.  I can do that.  I have a nice buggy to push them out in.  When I get home I have to carry the bags into the house without assistance, so why do I need help with the easy part?!

On a happier note, I have been working on my block of the months  and mystery quilts.


The Pickleweeds Quilt Shop Saturday Sampler block 2. Done in time to go Saturday and get this months bock and start a BOM that they have going on.  It is a rather ambitious project.  Think there are at least 2 blocks every month and 40 flying geese to make.  I’ll know more Saturday.  It was the colors that hooked us.


July blocks for the Vice Versa BOM.  These are the last of the blocks, now just have to get around to getting them into a quilt top.  The second block is the  Jan. Vacation Time BOM block that Pat Sloan is doing for 2015.  I just printed out the Feb. block this morning. 


The Bonnie Hunter Grand Illusion mystery quilt is on the frame waiting for me to find time to quilt it.  I see it is still a mystery, all covered up.  I have a cat who likes to get on my quilts while on the frame. That freed up my design wall for the M is for Mystery BOM.


All the rows are put together, now to sew the rows into a top.  The bottom 2 rows are pinned together and waiting for me. Hope to make this next week’s project.

My poor design wall is falling apart.  I have more sheets of insulation to make a new one.  I’m just feel that is a project to procrastinate over for as long as possible.

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