Friday, August 1, 2008

Quilt Camp Pictures

We are having a lot of trouble with our cable service and I can only occasionally get on the Internet. The signal got so low, we couldn't even get TV reception. The cable co. sent a serviceman out yesterday and he ran a new line to the house. The old line had grown into a tree and the line was stretched. As near as I know the TV works, but I'm still having trouble with the Internet. I couldn't get on earlier today. We want to redo the lines in the house and see if that helps. Paul ordered a splitter box with 8 connections, so each TV and the cable modem will each have it's own line off the one splitter. If that doesn't work, guess I'll be calling the cable co again.

Here are pictures from quilt camp.
This is Kelly's Blooming 9-patch quilt. This picture doesn't do it justice. It is a gorgeous quilt. She used a lot of batiks and Kaffe Fassette type fabrics. There were several of us working on our blooming 9-patch quilts that week. They all turned out very pretty.

Judy did a Christmas table runner class. There was a good turn out for that. Here is the one I made.

I wish now that I would have used darker greens for the green ornament. I'll remember that next time.
I did more canning this week. Canned 8pts of dill pickles, 7pts bread and butter pickles, 8pts of hot sweet pepper mix and 5 pts of carrots. Everything sealed, except for 1 pt of carrots. I use them with our Sunday dinner.
Next week end we are going to hold our yard sale. The ad will run in next week's paper. We still have a lot to do to get things set up and priced. Maybe Dora and I can work on that this evening. I need to get things started for the stuffed bell peppers for tonight's supper.

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