Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Finally Finished

One community service quilt For Etowah Valley Quilt guild is finally finished. There are still two more to go.

I made the top a few years ago when I was active in an on-line group. It was one of the week-end work shops that they did. It is a free pattern that was on-line at the time. I don't remember which web site it was from, but it is an easy pattern using FQs. I got carried away and made enough blocks for three quilts. This is the largest one. My daughter wanted the crib sized one and I gave the third one to a friend in exchange for quilting another quilt for me.

Another community service quilt just needs the binding sewn down by hand. The third one needs the rows sewn together and and borders added. I should get busy on that one. They are due at our August meeting. I also volunteered to quilt 3 more community service quilts for others. So I will be busy for awhile.

The kittens are growing. They're 6-1/2 weeks old now and so cute. I took some pictures of them.

This is the oldest one and looks the most like her mother, but has a little tinge of red in her black coat.

This is the middle one and was the first one to eat the kitten food. She is also always trying to escape from the sun room. We have to watch real careful when we go in and out.

This is the baby and is the cutest one. She finally ate cat food for the first time this morning. Not the kitten food the others eat, but the same food her mama eats. I'm just happy I finally got her to eat.

This is their mama. She has changed since she's had the kittens. We can actually pet her now without her biting. Before she just wanted to play and play rough, biting and scratching.

The day is wasting away and I can't make up my mind what I want to do, besides laundry. Do I want to listen to an audio book and quilt the quilt on the frame, put in a movie and piece 9-patch blocks, machine stitch the binding onto the sampler quilt, or work on the 3rd community service quilt.

I slept in this morning I was so tired and sleepy yesterday, that I took a nap and still slept in this morning. Last night I felt like I was coming down with a cold, but today I feel fine. Guess my eye doctor's appointment and the trip to Wal Mart wore me out. At least this time I stuck to my list and didn't make any major purchases like last time. Maybe that's because I stuck to the grocery side. I didn't need light bulbs to take me to the other side of the store to stumble upon any good deals.

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