Friday, May 29, 2009

Procrastinating Again

Backing...for some reason I do not like to piece the backing for a quilt. I just don't like working with such large pieces of fabric. I've got one to do and don't have enough of the same fabric, so definitely will have to piece several different fabrics in order to get a big enough back for this quilt. I just can't seem to get my thinking cap on. It's not my quilt, that may be part of the problem. Of course that gave me a chance to work on another project. I made two sets of coasters. They were small and much easier to work with.

Went to Hobby Lobby to day and got batting for the crazy 4-patch top I finished.

It looks better now that the borders are on. I even went to Hancock Fabrics on Wednesday and bought wide backing for it. Got enough to do three queen size quilts. Also got a few more dots and stripes and a Zebra print. The Rowenta Irons were on sale so I got one. Hope I like it, even on sale they're expensive.

I had to laugh when I read my horoscope a little bit ago. "The bargain basement is not for you today--you want quality, not cheap stuff." Well I did get a couple of pieces of clearance fabric at Hobby Lobby, but when I was looking at the other fabric and found a couple that I liked, after I felt them and inspected them, they went back on the shelf. I didn't like the quality. I did find a beige tonal paisley that I liked and got it.

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