Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Day Two

This was the 2nd day at quilt camp.  So far it has been fun.  I’m still working on my purse. The “four sided placemat” class was today and I  finished it.


It was a lot easier to make than I thought it would be. 

Yesterday I took a few pictures.


Here is Helen with her Dresden plate top that she was working on.


Judy at her work station.


As you can see, we also do a lot of socializing too, but we do get a lot accomplished.


Sandra and Wennell looking at a quilting book.

Tomorrow is the cup cake pincushion class.  I won’t be doing that, as I’ve already figured out my own way of making them.  Although Bev’s are real cute.  I like how she covered the bottom of the can with felt. 

I hope I can get my pursed finished tomorrow so I can get started on the baby quilt Dora wants me to make.  She came up with a cute, but easy pattern.  She needs to get some more fabric for the sashing, Don’t think 1/4 yd. will be quite enough.

The Allatoona Quilt guild met this morning.  Sandra and I went down for part of it.  I wanted to get my birthday FQ’s.  I got a lot of nice fabrics, mostly Orientals.  I asked for Orientals or reproduction fabrics.  I left them in the truck.  I’ll have to remember to get them out so I can drool over them some more.


These are the Ort Jars I made to match the pincushions.  They were pretty easy to make and turned out cute.


This is a picture of them closed up.

Can’t wait to go back to quilt camp in the morning.

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