Friday, July 10, 2009

Pickle Queen

That’s what a friend of mine called me.  I just made another batch of pickles this morning.  Made Sweet Pickle Sticks this time.  Next I want to try making Lime Pickles.  I’ll have to get some pickling lime.  Thought I had gotten it yesterday.  When I unpacked the grocery, found I had accidentally picked up a bag of canning salt instead.  I don’t relish having to go back to Wal Mart to exchange it.  Been debating whether to make some Sweet Pickle Slices.  They take two weeks to make.


These are the pickles I made this morning.


This is the pickles in the pantry.  There are dill, garlic dill, bread and butter pickles, sandwich slices, and mustard pickles.  Hope they all taste good. 

After making the pickles this morning, I turned my hand to making a cup cake pincushion.  This is how it turned out.


It isn’t quite how I wanted it to be.  Haven’t decided if I over stuffed it, or if I need to cut a bigger circle for the top.  Think I’ll try using a bigger circle on the next one.  They don’t take long to make, but I’ll have to wait till I feed the cats another can of cat food to make another one.  The bottom is a cat food can.  I clued the top on, but didn’t think it would stay, so ended up hand stitching it to the bottom.  Now I have to think how to cover the stitches that are showing.

I have my project for quilt camp next week, a baby quilt for one of Dora’s friends.  She is due this week-end.  Dora is at Hobby Lobby buying fabric to go with the Zebra print I had already gotten.  Also, have my supplies rounded up for the classes too.  Won’t be taking the pin cushion class, as I’ve already pretty well figured that one out.

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