Monday, March 23, 2015

Mischievous Chickens


Some how the chickens managed to escape their coop/pen last Friday.  Guess the door wasn’t latched good.  We didn’t know they were out and they had a field day pulling up the onions in our garden.  Once my husband is finished planting the garden, he will put a low fence around it to discourage the chickens from getting in it.  Usually he lets them out and watches them so they don’t go where they aren’t supposed to. 

Saturday Jean Nancy and I went to Atlanta to pick up a sewing machine Jean had left at to be repaired.  Saw a Juki Exceed 400 that I wouldn’t mind having, but think it is just a little too wide to fit in the table I would want to put it in.  It would replace my Pfaff and Bernina. It had the the features I like from both of those machines in one. 

We were only a couple of miles from the IKEA store so we went there.  That was my first time!  It was a fun experience.  A lot of walking.  We ate lunch at their cafeteria. Just wish they weren’t located in Atlanta.  I don’t much enjoy driving in Atlanta.  Guess it is because I don’t know my way around.  They had a lot of nice stuff.


They had a nice selection of bathroom wall cabinets and vanity tops.  I really would like a bathroom redo.  Lots of inspiration to be found at IKEA.


A gray cart like this one (this was the display) is what I ended up buying.  It comes in turquoise, and beige also.  The turquoise was pretty and the beige was just too blaa,  I also bought magazine holders. a book, a light and dishtowels.  Next time I would like to get another cart and some more magazine holders. I’m going to use the cart to hold my Vacation Time with Pat Sloan BOM, A4AII, and the guild Mystery fabrics and blocks.  I haven’t put it together yet.

Friday Paul and I went to Harbor Freight and Sam’s Club in Rome, GA.  I found a cart similar to the gray one in turquoise so got it for my daughter.  She wanted one and I wasn’t sure we would get to IKEA Saturday.  Also saw this larger cart so got it for me to hold my quilting projects.


Here it is before and after I filled it up.  It helps to condense my projects so I can find them easier.  I still have more scattered around the studio.  As I finish projects, I can add others.  Of course my goal is to have an empty cart that I don’t know what to do with.  But that won’t be any time soon.

Wednesday, I also was in Rome at the library to see the quilt show.  Afterwards we went to the Stitchery quilt shop and ate lunch at Mellow Mushroom.  We stopped by Hobby Lobby before heading home.

I’ve been so busy gallivanting around that I haven’t had much time to tend to my sewing.  I have 2 diaper bags I need to have done by Sunday afternoon. 


I worked on them yesterday and got the outside shells done.  This is the front and back views.  The front has two small pockets; one is zippered.  The back has one large pocket with a magnetic snap closure. I still have the lining and inside pockets, plus the top zipper closing to do.  They aren’t hard to make, just a lot of pockets and zippers and parts to put together. The pattern is the “Professional Tote” by  Creative Thimble.

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