Saturday, May 24, 2008

Quilt Class and This 'N That

One of our guild members is teaching Blooming Nine Patch classes. The first one was last night. I got all my fabrics lined up in order. I've got a couple of projects to finish up before I can start on it. The next class is June 14th. and I want to have a good start on the 9-patch blocks when I go. It was fun seeing the different fabric choices. One is doing hers all in neutral colors. It is gorgeous done in neutrals, although I don't think I'll do one. Think I'd be inclined to use a different pattern that isn't so labor intensive. Another is doing hers in pastels. I think that will be very pretty too.

Here are the fabrics I'm planning to use. The green in the middle I got from Sallyann, but I found out there isn't quite enough of it. There is just a tad over 1yd. and the #4 fabric requirement is 1-3/8yds. Guess I will search the Internet and see if I can find it and buy more. It says on the salvage: "Stitches From a Country Cottage" by Barrisue Gaudet for Four Corners Designs-A.E. Nathan. I don't have anything in my stash that will work. I guess it won't hurt to buy one piece of fabric for this top.

Before I can start working on the Blooming 9-Patch, I need to get the borders on the mystery quilt and on my roosting round robin. I drug it out yesterday for some reason, now it is sitting in my way, so guess I might as well put that last border on and be done.

I did do a little today. Got binding ready for 3 quilts and got the label on the four patches and friends quilt.

My lilies are blooming. Just had to take a picture of them.

I've got more in another spot. Also have day lilies, but I don't see any buds on them.

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