Friday, September 11, 2009

Challenge Quilts

At last months EVQG meeting we revealed our challenge quilts.  Everyone did a really good job of making a quilt to represent the gift bag they drew.

2009ChallengeQuilts1 2009ChallengeQuilts2





Next years challenge is wide open.  We need to find our birth month on any calendar and make a quilt to represent the picture.  All we have to do is use the colors in the picture.  The quilt doesn’t have to look like the picture.  The picture I found was fireworks, because at the time I thought the quilt had to look like or at least have the theme of the picture and I have been wanting to try thread art.  Thought the fireworks would be something easy to start with.  Now all I have to do is make any quilt that is red, gold, white and black. I think I know which quilt I want to make using black and white fabrics with red and gold accents.  It is the quilt from the AQG black and white exchange.  I didn’t participate in the exchange, so I may have to collect some more black and white fabrics. 

The Christmas exchange for the AQG is a table runner.  We must make it and it has to be at least 14” wide and 44” long.  I found a table runner pattern in  a quilt magazine and made the top.  Well, I left off the last two borders.  It looks nice without them and more than meets the size requirements at 16 1/2” x 47 1/2”.

I also have a T-shirt quilt to get started on.  I just want to get a couple of projects out of the way first.  Like the table runner and quilting and binding a community service quilt.

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