Saturday, September 12, 2009


Paul’s hobby is woodworking. He has a nice big shop with lots of equipment. This week he built a pantry type cabinet for someone.



He hasn’t had time to work in his shop the last few months. He has been busy working on finishing the basement. He has finally gotten to the point where he can start making the cabinets, vanity, and built in closet system for the basement. So for the next few weeks he can spend lots of time in his shop.

I finished the crazy borders top that we did as a class at the last quilt camp. I’m not real happy with the way it turned out. The pieces in the border are too large for the center print.


It is a little hard to make out the design of the center panel. It is a cowboy riding in the dessert. But it does show what I’m pointing out about the scale of the border in relationship to the center. It is hard to tell from the picture, but the colors in the border do coordinate with the colors in the panel. I had so hoped that this would be the answer to how to use this piece of fabric that I didn’t want to cut. I have more fabric. I must have gotten at least 3 yds. I should see if fussy cutting the cowboys out would work in a “Turning Twenty Around the Block” or a “Just Can’t Cut It” quilt. I also have Southwest Indian print fabric. The print is a larger scale, so still may go a head and try this border on it. That is what I originally planned, to make both quilts as a set.

Back in July, I believe it was, AQG had a class for making a quilters travel case. I went down for the class.


This is one that I made in class. I used some of my birthday Oriental FQs. I worked on two in the class, but forgot to take a picture of it before giving it away.

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