Wednesday, September 16, 2009

What I’ve Been Doing

It must have been last month when AGQ did an apron class for the special projects.  I really wanted the apron.  It was a free pattern from Jo-Ann's web site, so I went ahead and made it on my own.  I would have like to have gone down for the class, but it is just so crowded and no room to work.  That apron had big pieces to work with and I just felt more comfortable at home. 


This is my canning apron.  It will also work for Christmas.  I used the red print so tomato stains wouldn’t be so noticeable.  I’ve already made good use of it and have washed it.  Originally I had an orange paisley print picked out for a colorful, fun apron.  Than I realized that I would be upset if it got stained.  I’m on a paisley kick and collecting them.  I’ve bright ones, bold ones and pastels and muted tones.  I’m saving them for several special projects, as they won’t all look good together in the same project.  This was an easy apron to make.  Maybe it would make a good Christmas gift.  I’ve already got ideas for this Christmas, but there is future Christmases.  Maybe I should start a notebook of patterns for gift ideas.  Otherwise I’ll misplace the patterns.  Like I did with the pattern I planned to use for next year’s challenge project and it is no longer on the web site.  I’m going to have to do some hunting or hope someone else knows where their copy is.

This coming Tuesday AQG special projects are quick Christmas gifts.  They will be doing coasters, notebook cover, and a loyalty wallet.  The coasters we’ve done before and the notebook cover sounds like the steno pad cover we’ve already done and I gave as Christmas gifts a couple of years ago.  The loyalty wallet I’d like to do.  Those instructions are free on the web and I’ve already printed them.  Think that will go in the notebook for future reference.   Doubt that I will make it down there for the class.  Next month special projects will be a journal cover, but it only fits one brand of journal that Wal Mart carries.  The cover won’t fit other brands that are supposedly the same size.  We had to sign up to get the pattern and I signed up, so maybe I can make it down to that class.  Wish they would do the classes in the other room that is bigger.  They use it for day long sew-ins.  Wish I could find the notes I made for the class. 

I had a few projects I wanted to finish up before starting the T-shirt quilt.  One was quilting and putting the binding on a community service quilt for AQG.  I sewed the blocks into a top, but didn’t make the blocks, then quilted it and put the binding on.


I think it turned out cute.  I used 16 of the 17 blocks that were completed.  There are enough triangles and squares to make about 20 more blocks.  Think I’ll take them back and let someone else make them.  I also quilted and put binding on another top that was already made.  I didn’t take a picture of it.  I didn’t have anything to do with the making of the top.    Figured I should get them done, it is about time to give them to the recipient of of our community service. 

Yesterday I went to Jo Ann’s looking for backing for the T-shirt quilt.  It poured down rain on the way down.  It was nerve wracking driving down I-75.  It was raining so hard I couldn’t see the tail lights of the car in front unless I was close to them.  I wanted to keep my distance, last thing  I wanted was to have to slam on my brakes to keep from rear ending someone.  I was so glad when I finally got to Jo Ann’s.  Thankfully the rain had let up when I left to come home.  I couldn’t find any black with green fabric.  Everything with green had other colors and was either a bright or a floral, nothing masculine.  I ended up getting a green with a little black.  Hope it will be alright with the lady who asked me to make the quilt.  I’ll look at Red Hen on Saturday and see if they have anything.

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