Thursday, December 26, 2013

Christmas Eve and Christmas Day


It is Finished!


I finished the Royal Crown quilt and 2 pillows Tuesday afternoon. 

Then it was hurry, hurry to get a head start on food prep for our Christmas dinner.  My daughter found my missing Christmas quilt.  I was so happy!


Christmas morning I remembered I hadn’t gotten the ham out to thaw.  The kids got up.


First Lydia and Teagan got up and wanted to get to the presents.  Then Braxton got up and they had a wrestling match going on.  Still the sleepy head parents slept on.

Finally everyone was up.



We got down to the business of opening presents. 


Mark (middle child), Tony (Dora’s fiance), Lydia (Granddaughter), Dora ( youngest) and David (eldest).

It was a wonderful Christmas Day.  Food was good and all 3 of my children were here. And best of all, Tony proposed to my daughter.  No wedding date has been set yet.

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