Wednesday, December 4, 2013

My Yesterday


CrownRoyal3 I finished these blocks.  Made 22 yesterday, so now all 42 are done.  Still need to cut the sashing and pout the top together, but first I have a quilt I need to get quilted.

I finished the blocks and watched 2 two year olds.  All they did all day was push, shove, trip, fall, cry and refuse to share.  Whatever one had, the other wanted.  Typical 2 year old behavior.  Hope the learn to play together soon.

I’m not supposed to babysit today, so hopefully I can get the quilt on the frame to quilt.  Would like to get it done before the next Celtic Solstice Mystery step is released.  Would like to have at least part of the weekend to devote to it.

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