Monday, December 2, 2013

The Waiting Game


I got up early for me anyway, to get started on the next block of the Quilty Fun Quilt Along.  It hasn’t been posted yet.  Obviously they aren’t early birds!  Think they are in a later Time Zone.


I finished my End of Year UFO Challenge! Yea!  BBHousesSBBHousesL

Here they are, two completed house table runners from my Buggy Barn House and Tree blocks.  I found the Christmas table runner that needed quilting and got it finished too. Now if I could just find all the Christmas quilts I have made over the years.  They are around here somewhere.

ChristmasTableRunner1If I would have remembered it, I would have made it part of the UFO Challenge too.  I am so happy it is done and in time for Christmas at that!  If I make another one, I think I would make it longer.  Think I would put a four patch neutral block in the center.  That way there would be some place to set the table center piece and still show of the ornaments on each end.  If I didn’t have so many other obligations to customers, I would go ahead and make another one.

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