Sunday, March 30, 2008

Another Duck Quilt

While the oven was preheating last night, I got the quilt labels made. While we watched a movie, I sewed them on. So, I did accomplish something yesterday, after all.

To day I made a sample block for Kevin's quilt. I like the block, but I'm still undecided about the outside color.
I also have a blue leaning towards green, kind of a dark turquoise, fabric that I like also. I decided to wash all the fabrics, because some of them had been washed and some not. I was all set to make another block using the blue where the dark brownish green is, when I remembered I hadn't washed the duck panels. It never dawned on me to wash them when I was washing the other fabrics. The panels are in the washer now. The blocks are 18-1/2" finished size, so it will only take 12 blocks for the quilt.

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