Wednesday, February 25, 2009

T-Shirt Quilt Finished

The T-Shirt quilt is finally done!

That is 2 off my to-do list. Unfortunately today I'm having a hard time getting started on the next item on the list. It's not that I haven't been doing anything, just not anything on the list. I have 4 boxes and one bag of fabric that someone gave me. I went through two of the boxes this morning and started washing what I want to keep. Then filled up one of the boxes again with what I want to donate to some one else to make charity quilts out of. I kept some big pieces for backings and some shirtings for making scrappy quilts. The shirtings aren't 100% cotton, but think they will be ok. I'll eventually cut those up into strips in readiness for making scrappy quilts.
I'm going to make more strip sets for the "Strip Twist" blocks. Maybe I'll end up with enough blocks to make community service quilts for both guilds. I could have used those shirtings in those quilts, if I'd thought to go through the boxes sooner. Oh, well. We make quilts every year, I'm sure the fabric will get used.
Got the quilt I made for my brother-in-law and sister-in-law ready for mailing. I'll try to mail it tomorrow.
Don't guess I'll be doing any sewing today. I'm out of sorts now. All I feel like doing now is playing games on the computer. Dora sold a phone on ebay using my ebay identity and her pay pal account. We wanted to verify that the payment was received before mailing the phone, but between her typing in her e-mail address wrong and forgetting what her pass word was, we couldn't get in. I ended up having to call pay pal and pretend I was her in order to be able to reset her pass word. Part of the problem was I hadn't cleared the cookies out of my computer in a long time and the link in the e-mail that pay pal sent her wouldn't work. After clearing out the cookies, everything worked fine and I was able to verify that payment had been received. Hope she mails that phone out today. She is in a big hurry to go to Dave and Busters to celebrate her birthday.


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