Sunday, March 8, 2009

Slowly Making Progress

So far, I've gotten just over half of the log cabin blocks made. It hasn't been without incident though. Guess I was supposed to have used the rust fabric in the "B"blocks, but I thought it was Burgundy. So now I'm short on parts for the "H" blocks, which I also think are Burgundy. I've got left over rust parts. I also have left over navy parts and will have left over black parts, because I decided to but the dark brown in like in the original quilt in the April McCall's Quilting magazine. The cutting instructions didn't include using the dark brown, so I have no parts cut for it. I'm cutting them as I get to them. In fact, I had to go buy brown fabric. I was lucky to have a med/light brown to use in the other blocks. I really want the dark brown in there so the quilt goes better with the curtains I made.

I'll be glad when I get all the blocks made. But, definitely not happy about the left over parts that I didn't need to cut. They could have stayed attached to the rest of the piece of extra fabric and remained in my stash. Now they will end up in the scrap bucket. Like I need more scraps! Believe me, I collect scraps faster than I can sew them into scrap blocks.

The Strip Twist blocks that I'm making as my beginners and enders are going well. All the strips sets are made and diced and diced again. I'm now sewing them back together for the blocks.

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