Thursday, March 12, 2009

Stuck At Home

I'm without transportation today. My truck that has been ailing for the past two or three years, suddenly got worse. Saturday, Paul told me I had two weeks to decide if I wanted to fix it or get something else to drive. Monday evening, after taking another look at my truck, he told me not to drive it again and I had to decide immediately what I wanted to do. Fixing it would just be buying me more time to make up my mind. If I put a new engine in it and had the transmission work done that it needs, then I'd have more into the truck than I'd be able to get out of it when I did finally decide to buy something else. Tuesday evening we went auto shopping. I test drove a 2005 Chevy truck with 49k miles, 2008 Pontiac SUV with low mileage, and a 2008 Dodge van with 48k miles. The SUV was cute, but uncomfortable to sit in. The van was nice and the price looked good, but I'm not a van person. The truck was really nice, but had a couple issues, like the speedometer didn't work and the steering had a little wiggle in it every now and again. Hopefully all that will be fixed today so that I can go get it this afternoon when Paul gets off work. I also looked at another Chevy truck the same color, only a 2006 with a little less than 29k miles. It was a LS instead of the LT that the 2005 is. It was nice, but it didn't have power windows. I figured if I got it, I'd always kick myself for not getting all the luxuries the other one had, but then again I may kick myself for not going for the low mileage.

Yesterday was the AQG meeting. We had a silent auction for the quilting/sewing supplies of a member that passed away a few months ago. I won the bid on 6 yds of dark brown fabric for $2.00. We had a good meal as usual and show 'n tell. I took a few pictures.

This is Sandra's ducky quilt.

This is a scrappy look quilt that Phylis made.

This is a charity quilt of Jan's. I forget which charity she made it for.

Monday I finished all the log cabin blocks. Today I'm trying to get the top put together.

Here are the blocks on the design wall. I think I will like it.

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MissMapp said...

Gad about , all sounds good to me. Keep going.