Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Truck Woes

I brought my "new to me" truck home Friday evening. Saturday we took it for a ride. Monday it went back to the dealer. There was something wrong with it. I thought it might be the transmission and it turned out I was right. It is being rebuilt now. Hopefully it will be ready this evening. In the mean time I'm driving a loaner. I don't much like it. It is a 2006 Colorado.

Yesterday was St. Patrick's day. I didn't give it a thought until I got to the grocery store and someone said something about it. I looked down to see what I was wearing and luckily I had on my green slacks.

Last night was the EVQG meeting. Our guest speaker was one of the owners (Kay Roberts and Kathy Kuryla, both came) of The Quilting Squares quilt shop in Franklin, TN. They are certified to teach the square in a square technique, and had the rulers and books for sale. I bout the ruler and the first book, "Square In A Square" by Jodi Barrows the designer/inventor of the technique. Today, they are teaching a class for our guild. I didn't take the class. I'm saving my money for the shop hop later this month.

The lady on the left is the one that spoke at our guild meeting.

They did a little trunk show of some of the quilts in the books. I only took two pictures. It is sometimes hard to get good pictures in the Etowah room at the civic center. The lighting isn't very good in there.

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