Friday, March 21, 2014

Going to Rome (Don’t I Wish)



The Rome, GA quilt guild has a quilt show at the library every March and we are going up there today to see the quilts.  There is a nice little quilt shop there too that we will probably go to.  We’ll have lunch and it there is time we might swing by Hancock on the way home. I’m planning for a fun day.


Up date on the baby chicks.


They are so cute and looking so much better now that they have dried out and fluffed up.  They went outside for a little while yesterday.  Right now they are in a cardboard box on the back porch.  Soon someone will need to build a chicken coop for them.



This weeks Delightful Stars block.  Got to use my tri-recs rulers again.  I can remember years ago I tried using them and the blocks turned out very badly and I hated those rulers.  I wouldn’t make any blocks that called for using them.  Then Bonnie Hunter used the Tri-recs rulers in her last mystery.  I watched her instructions on how to use them and everything went pretty smoothly.  I found if you line everything up right, the blocks will come out ok.  Now the tri-recs no longer intimidate me. Even the name is intimidating, it sounds like a carnivorous eating dinosaur. 

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