Sunday, May 17, 2009

A Lazy Rainy Sunday

Were can I get nice pantographs for my long arm? The ones I've found so far on the Internet aren't exactly what I want. A few months ago, I got a package of quilting designs at Jo Ann's, but I have to make copies of them and tape them together. That is what I'm doing today. I'm doing a butterfly and a heart. That is enough to start with. It is a real pain making all those copies and then matching them up and taping them together. But at least that will give me a couple more quilting designs to use.

Thought I had finished quilting the queen size sampler quilt. When I started to take it off the frame, I found that the stitching on the last row was messed up. Luckily, it wasn't hard to rip out. I should get that back on the frame so I can finish quilting it, and hope the stitching is ok this time. Don't know what is going on with it. There was another partial row I had to rip out and redo. I'm not fond of ripping out quilting stitches.

Somehow when I was writing about the shop hop, I forgot to post a picture of all the stuff I bought.

The FQ packs have turned into another project. The trip back on Wednesday with another visit to Country stitches, gave me an idea what to do with them. They had a quilt on display that I liked and I asked about it and was told how it was made with sweet 16's and they just happened to have another small quilt made using 5" squares. I've decided to cut the FQ's into the sweet 16's to use for that quilt. So between the two trips to N. GA, I've acquired three new projects that I want to get started on. The zipper in the "purse from hell" broke, so now I have to make another one. This time I'm using fusible fleece instead of the pelltex. I think that will make it a lot easier to work with. I just happened to have enough fabric left to make another purse. I'm going to make it just a tad bit bigger though. I think because I had the purse over stuff may have caused the zipper problem. I'll never get the projects finished that are already started, if I keep coming up with new projects.

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