Friday, May 1, 2009

Rain To Make My Garden Grow

It is raining to day. My garden will appreciate it. So far it is doing well. I haven't checked to see if the spinach and lettuce have come up yet, but this rain should help.

I'm so wishy washy, I can't make up my mind about anything. It doesn't help that I got confused about my To-Do list. I miss read and started putting the Strip Twist top together. That was already scratched off my list, all I had to do was finish piecing the blocks, which I did. I was getting it mixed up with finish piecing the EVQG Mystery Quilt, not the community service quilt. I've just got four more blocks to sew into a row, then I'll number the rows and set it aside. Although I do need to have it completed in August. I thought originally that the community service quilts were due in October, guess the date was changed. Ugh! I'm only half way through my list of things to complete by the end of the month, so guess I'd better get in high gear and figure out what to due next. Guess start quilting some of the quilts on the list. I already have 12 items on my To-Do list for the next three months, plus I'll be adding anything that I didn't complete this month. So much for lists to keep me on track.

My birthday is coming up and I need to decide what fabric I want for my birthday. The Paradise Piecers Bee that I'm a member of gives each member a yard of fabric on their birthday. I just can't make up my mind, do I want yellows, browns, large scale florals, Orientals, batiks or paisleys. Maybe I will go with the browns. I don't have a lot of browns.

I finished the challenge project for EVQG, then found out it isn't due until August, thought it was due in June.

The challenge this year is "It's All In The Bag" The quilt must be similar in color and style as your selected bag. The project must be considered a quilt consisting of top, batting and backing and be quilted. My project meets those requirements I quilted it and it is three layers outside, fusible fleece and a lining. The gift bag on the right is the bag I drew out of the box. The tote on the left is my interpretation of the bag. I copied and printed the motorcycle onto fabric and used it for the pocket on the tote. I'm happy with the way it turned out. I need to be giving the AQG challenge project some serious consideration. It is due June 9Th. That's just over a month away. May be I'd better stop procrastinating about soaking that fabric in bubble jet and do that today, so I can print the picture of my house. I've got the fabrics. It won't take long to make once I get started.

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