Saturday, February 16, 2008

Big Sister Quilt Finished

Finally on Friday at my Needle Turners Bee meeting I finished the binding and attached the label on the Big Sister quilt.

This is the back of the quilt. It is flannel and has horses and is pretty.

Quilt label

I hope I got the quilt folded back up to Dora's satisfaction. She took great pains to fold it just so, so yesterday and then this afternoon I remembered I hadn't taken pictures. I tried to get it folded back the way she had it , so hopefully she won't notice if it isn't perfect.

I started working on the applique candle block for the Viction Assistance quilt this morning. It is do Tuesday. I hee hawed around trying to decide what type applique to do, finally decided on needle turn. Some of the pieces are pretty small to satin stitch on the machine or to back and try to turn. That would have been my choice and machine applique. I remembered switch my block to the other bottom corner, but couldn't remember if I had updated my diagram or not. So that kind of brought me to a halt. A few e-mails later and I now know I'm in the lower right hand corner. So I can get back to work on that. Hope fully I can do some of the applique while we are watching movies tonight.

I did finsh the strip sets for the border on the Ducky quilt and the strip sets for the 80 9-patch blocks for the mystery quilt. I haven't forgotten about that. All the little parts are now ready to be made into 9-patch blocks as soon as I start piecing again.

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