Sunday, February 10, 2008

Mending Done and Label On

The I Spy quilt is finished, yeah!

The embroidery at the top doesn't show up well in the picture. I just hope my mending won't be too noticeable.

This is a picture of the patch I sewed over the star point to hide the bad seam.

The picture is a little fuzzy. Guess I was too close, but this is a picture of the seam that pulled apart. More likely, I didn't have the fabric lined up right and missed sewing it . Very upsetting to discover a miss-sewn seam after the quilt has been quilted. It would have been much easier to fix if I'd seen it earlier.

This is the label I made for the quilt. The backing is flannel. I got it when Fabric 101 had their going out of business sale. I use a greeting card program, "Print Perfect Greeting Cards" that I bought at Staples for around $10. It works really well. I can get four labels per page, which suits me, as I don't like big labels. It recognises more file extensions than my other more expensive programs do, making it easier to import clip art. I bought a collection of 300,000 clip art images and none of my other programs recognised the file extension. The greeting card program also has a clip art gallery. In fact that is what I used for this label. The soon to be baby's dad is a big UGA football fan. That also explains the UGA fabric in the quilt.

Wish I could say the Big Sister quilt was done, but it is getting closer. I still have to hand stitch down the binding and attach the label. I'll work on that today.

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