Sunday, February 17, 2008

Candle Block Finished

The candle is done. I finished it this afternoon. I hope the girls got everything worked out with the face block. They were having issues with that.

Now I can get back to Dora's Pirate Ducky quilt. I've just got a little over a week before her birthday. She may be getting an IOU.

Here is another needle turn applique block that I finished a few weeks ago. I had forgotten about it. I finished it and left it in the case with my applique supplies. Found it when I got out my supplies for the candle block.

It is from the Hearts and Flowers block of the month that I started a few years ago. Finishing the blocks is my project for the applique bee I belong to. I also used this block as the center for my roosting round robin. Another project that needs finishing. I still have the last border to but on. At least I now have fabric for it.

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