Friday, February 8, 2008

Road Trip

We had a nice time yesterday. I was wore out when I finally got home. I stopped and got pizza from Fox's and when I left there, I got caught in traffic. I was so tired and just wanted to go home, and had to sit through the light turning green at least 4 times before I could finally make my right hand turn. I did get the rest of the binding sewn on the I Spy quilt before falling asleep around 7:30p.m.

Here is what I bought yesterday. Tiny Stitches had some really good deals that I took advantage of.

The fabrics on the bolt were $1.50 a yd, but had to buy the entire bolt. The first two, I should be able to use in a quilt that I'm planning to make for a 16 year old boy. The toile, well I just like toiles and plan to use it in a quilt some day, besides Jan wanted some of it. She has the same pattern as I do. The burgundy and the floral were 1/2 price, so got two yards of the burgundy and 3-1/3 yards (what was left on the bolt) of the floral. I just thought the floral was pretty and the burgundy co-ordinated with it. The gold, I need a small piece for a candle stick, but got a yard of it. It wasn't on sale, but was on my shopping list to buy, along with quilting thread. Our next stop was Handcocks. Well we had to drive right by it anyway, so might as well stop and see how they had rearranged the store. We were impressed. I bought bobbins for my Bernina and a pair of socks. We had a nice lunch at Steak N Shake. It's been a long time since I've eaten there and I enjoyed it. Our next stop was JoAnn's, where I finally found some thread. Got enough to quilt three of the tops I have waiting for quilting. Also got FQs for Sandra's birthday in April. Our next stop was the Goodwill store in Acworth. I didn't find anything there, but Jan and Sandra did. Think I had a very successful shopping trip, even if I did spend my grocery money. Maybe we won't starve to death.

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