Saturday, February 9, 2008

Gotta Mend

While I was attaching the "Little Brother" patch to the I Spy quilt, I noticed a seam that has pulled apart. Definitely not what I was wanting to find! It is right at the top too. One of the novelty prints has pulled away from a star point. I've thought about it some and have decided to applique another star point over the original and extend it to cover the bad seam. Then I will top stitch around the new star point and try to make it look like the quilting. Then I will hope the extra quilting won't be too noticeable on the back. I feel like I will never get these quilts done. I still want to top stitch around the embroidery patch to make sure it is attached good and not fall off after a few washings. I'll use red to match the patch on top and the quilting thread in the bobbin to blend in with the back. Here I thought I was nearly done with just that to do and attaching the label, now this mending to be done where hopefully it won't be noticeable. The Big Sister quilt needs the binding sewn down by hand, something I'm not too speedy about, and the embroidery patch sewn on twice, plus the label.

I still have to get the outer borders on Dora's Pirate Duckie quilt and get it quilted & bound by the 27th. I do not enjoy quilting queen sized quilts. If I can get these other two quilts finished, I will then really have to crack down and work hard on Dora's quilt. I'll have to be in the mood whether I am or not.

Guess I'd better get back to quilting.

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