Wednesday, April 29, 2009

How Does My Garden Grow?

Right now it seems to be doing pretty good. The cucumber seeds have started to sprout. We have lots of tomato plants and a few pepper plants. The carrots came up, but they need weeding. I also have hanging baskets and pots of flowers on the front porch.

Now if I can just remember to keep them watered! My rose bushes are loaded with buds and a few have bloomed. More Iris have bloomed too.

I finally finished the purse I started at quilt camp a couple of weeks ago.

It is a little busy, but I love it. I like this pattern too. I may make some more purses from this pattern. This is the Bow Tucks pattern I bought when we did the shop hop.

Next week is the North Georgia Shop Hop. Sandra and I are planning on going. I've been practicing using the GPS system I bought right after I got my new to me truck. Sometimes it gives messed up directions though. It had me going out of my way to get home from Burnt Hickory grocery. When I went to City Muffler yesterday it was determined I should turn right to go over to main street, when the street I was on also went to the street the muffler shop is on. When I come home it announces I have reached my destination and it is on the right, which just happens to be the backyard of the house on the corner of my street. My house is on the left. Hope it won't get us too lost when we are trying to find the quilt shops. I'm taking back up directions from Map Quest, although I've heard they aren't always accurate either.

Today I've been working on the EVQG challenge project. That required a little too much thinking. Guess I'll see if it turns out right when I get done with it.

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