Monday, April 28, 2014

Empty Basket



An empty basket!  Does that mean a project is finally finished?!  Yes it does.


This is what was in that basket.  I like baskets and I like using them to store my current and sometimes not so current projects in.  I also have project boxes.  They stack better than baskets. The quilt top that I finished was the 2012-2013 BOM, Sweet Dreams and Sunbeams, at  I just love this quilt.  Of course I had to make it bigger by adding an extra row of blocks at the top and bottom.  It is on my May To-Do list to be quilted.  I’d like to put it in the guild quilt show in October.


I made pillowcases to co-ordinate with my purple (eggplant) sheets.


I think they look nice on the bed. The quilt is one of the mysteries the Quilters’ World did.  Think it is the 3rd one.  They just have finished their 5th scrappy mystery.  I collected the clues, but haven’t done it.  Too many other projects in the works.  Besides, I still have the 1st and 4th mystery blocks to make into a quilt top. 



My oldest son brought me all these flowers yesterday and a planter.  I haven’t decided yet what to do with all of them. the hanging baskets will get hung on the front porch and some will be planted in the 2 planters that I have.  I would like to plant some along the edge of the walkway.

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