Tuesday, April 29, 2014



All of the pretty flowers are planted.


I put up a couple more hooks so I would have room for the baskets and the wind chimes.  The ring propped up against the porch was suppose to be for a fire ring. 



These are my two large pots filled with flowers.  The tall one is the one my son gave me.



I planted the Gerbera Daises and some other plants on the side of the house, along the edge of the driveway.  I can see them from my window when I’m on the computer.  I like to have the flowers where I can enjoy them.


The Quilty Fun top is on the quilt frame and I made one pass across and was on the second one when Lydia got up from her nap.  That was the end of my quilting for the day.  I did get the scrappy binding made for the quilt.  And then it was out side to plant all the plants.

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