Thursday, April 10, 2014

Working on The BOMs


I just about have all of this month’s block of the months done.


Sew Retro Kitchen April block is the tea pot. I’m enjoying doing a little paper piecing every month. Maybe I can hang this in my kitchen when it is finished. I digging through my scrap bin to do this one.  I like doing projects that I can use my scraps to make.



The April Aurifil block is the bear paw block.  It seems a little dark because I didn’t use the white background fabric in it.  Think it was supposed to be used as the “paw”.  I’m thinking now I should have used the white where the red is and the red solid for the corner stones.  Well, I’m not going to redo the block just yet.  I prefer to “wait and see” if it stands out too much when more blocks have been made.



A star for the Vise Versa April block.  I’m really liking these blocks.  I think the reason is the colors I’m using.


So far so good.  My poinsettias are still alive and have new shoots growing.  It is time to start setting them out side during the day.

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