Saturday, April 18, 2009

Fun Week

Quilt camp is over. It is always sad to pack up on Friday and leave, but there will be others. Besides, all that sitting and sewing wears me out. I didn't get a lot done this time, but I did learn to make Cathedral Windows using a sewing machine, which I forgot to take a picture of. One thing I did learn, it will take practice to get them right. The class was on Thursday morning and I missed it and had to play catch up.

My Kittie, Georgie, decided to have her kittens and wanted me close. I don't think she quite understood what was happening. After the first one made an appearance, her instincts kicked in and she was fine. She had four cute little kittens, two black and white and two gray and white. When the second one was born, before mommy got it cleaned up good, Meako, one of out dogs, snatched it. I thought she was just curious and was going to sniff it to see what it was, and before I new it she had the kitten in her mouth. Dora hollered at her and she dropped it. The kitten is fine. I don't know what her intentions were, but at least she was gentle and didn't bite down and hurt the kitten. I have to keep a close eye on the two dogs and my other cat to make sure they don't harm the babies. I'll have to remember to get some pictures of them. The birth delayed me getting to quilt camp on time. It was after lunch by the time I arrived.

Friday we did the purse class. So now I have a purse about 1/3 the way finished. I'll work on it along with the two tote bags I've been working on. The project I took with me to work on in between classes didn't get finished either. I traced all the applique pieces and made the background.

This is the background minus the borders. I did manage to get the two side borders on.

I did take a few pictures of some of the other quilter's projects.

This is Rae"s Christmas table topper. For some reason I really like the two Christmas themed toppers. I think they turned out the best.

This is Helen's table topper made from Retro fabrics.

Another quilter was working on one too, but she only got hers half done when she had to leave. I didn't think to take a picture. I still haven't gotten a picture of mine yet, either.

Here are some of the other projects the ladies were working on.

Marybeth was working on this top made from last years 6" batik exchange. Laying on top of it is a chevron top that she was also working on.

This is Leslie's Square in a Square top that she started in a class a couple of weeks ago.

This is a quilt that Celeste was marking her quilting design on. She does beautiful machine quilting using her Bernina.

This is Jan's Blooming Nine Patch. this picture doesn't show it off very well.

This one shows off the fabrics a bit better.

This is just the cutest! Sandie was working on a "Tigger" quilt. I can't wait to see it when she finishes.

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