Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Quilt Camp

Two days of quilt camp and I just did get my table topper top completed. We got off to a bad start. The member that was supposed to teach the class had to make an emergency trip out of town, so another member was going to teach the class. She had made the quilt from a pattern she bought that called for 1-1/2" strips and a 12" ruler. The table topper we were making called for 2" strips and a 15" ruler. We couldn't figure out how to make it with the 15" ruler and use all 8 strips in the strip set. Another member showed up and figured out how to make it using a bigger ruler. So we finally got started and got half the top done. The next day one of the members brought her top that she made at a previous class and the mystery was solved how to do it with the 15" ruler. It turned out that only 7 of the eight strips were used. Of course, we were already committed to the new method. Our tops came out a little bigger.

This is Bobby's (on the right) Christmas table topper.

This is Sallyann's green and gold to match her kitchen and dining room.

Some of the other ladies are still working on theirs.

Sallyann also finished up another top she was working on.

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