Sunday, April 12, 2009

Truck Sold, I Hope

Why the guy wants that truck, I don't know. He came and looked at it last night and is here now with a roll back to take it. It needs some work and won't make the trip to somewhere south of Atlanta. It is a 1986 Chevy truck in rough shape. I'm just glad someone was willing to buy it. I'm tired of paying for insurance and tags for a truck that is just sitting in the yard. My husband already has one project truck and doesn't want another one to fix. At least his truck runs and he drives it everyday. Plus my old truck is sitting in the yard needing a new engine.

Quilt camp starts tomorrow. The table topper class is on Monday, so that should give me plenty of time to make it before the next class on Thursday. Guess I should get my stuff rounded up and loaded today, so I don't have to do it in the morning. I'd like to get an early start.

I've been working on the tote bags in the April issue of McCall's Quilting. I've not gotten very far. I'm using Moda Charm packs.

This one is from a "Hello Betty" charm pack by Chloe's Closet.

These charms are from the "Swanky" fabric line by Chez Moi. It will probably be next week before I get them finished, unless I decide to finish them at quilt camp.

Nearly all of the Strip Twist blocks are made. All that work and I only ended up with 36 blocks. Think I will only need 28 for the twin size quilt. I'm hope I can figure out how to get another smaller community service quilt out of the left over blocks.

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