Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Lazy Wednesday

The strip sets are made for the table topper. The fabrics were prettier before I cut them into strips. Guess they will do.

I decided to use the batik fabrics. Hope the finished product will look better than the strip sets do.

This is the picture of our house that I'm going to use for the AQG challenge quilt.
This picture would look much better if my azaleas were already in front of the addition and blooming. Makes me wish we would have moved them last fall. I need to treat fabric with bubble jet so I can print this picture on fabric. It won't take long to make the quilt, it is just a small wall hanging with very simple borders.

This is another lazy day when I can't make up my mind what I want to do. I should quilt the log cabin quilt. I hate to start a new project that I can't finish by this week-end, but I'm anxious to pick out and arrange the charms for the tote bags I want to make using them. I also need to pick fabrics for the EVQG challenge project and get started on it. Then there is the deviled eggs I need to make for my bee meeting tomorrow. We're having a birthday dinner for Sandra. We do birthday dinners for all our members, all 5 of us. So it's not like I don't have plenty to keep me occupied.

Yesterday I took my winning lottery ticket and got the free ticket that I won. The man in front of me asked for a lottery ticket and the clerk pulled off the wrong one. I don't know what made me ask for that ticket, but I did. It turned out to be worth $48, my free ticket is a $2 winner. That turned out to be a good lottery day for me. Of course I won't think about all the times I bought tickets that weren't winners.

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