Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Spring Is In The Air

It's time to plant the garden. Paul set out tomato plants and I put in some cucumber seeds last week-end. This week-end we'll probably put in some corn and greens. There are more tomato plants in the greenhouse. We really need a new greenhouse. He planted potatoes and onion sets last month, along with carrot seeds. They all seem to be doing fine. We had to cover them up a couple of nights because of the frost. A week or so ago, Paul set out some pepper plants that he started from seed, but they aren't growing very much. We might do better to get some plants and set out.

I had several Iris bloom at the same time.

The other Iris haven't bloomed yet. Our dog wood didn't do well. The flowers were brownish, but the one across the street was pretty.

I wish this was in my front yard. At least it is right across the street and I can still enjoy looking at it.

The two tote bags I've been working on are finished. Yeah!, another one off the to-do list. Eight down and nine to go. Next, I'm going to finish the purse I started at quilt camp. Then I'll get back to my list. I really need to start quilting some of the quilts on that list, but I'm in a piecing mood. I'll probably finish the Strip Twist top first. It is on the design wall and some of the blocks fell down while I was vacuuming the studio yesterday. So finishing it sounds like a good idea.

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