Tuesday, January 15, 2008

I Spy and Mystery Progress

Sunday I assembled two more rows of the I spy quilt and completed part 1 of the mystery quilt.

Part 1: Rail Fence blocks for mystery quilt

Yesterday wasn't a good quilting day. I slept in and when I might have been able to sew for a little while, I had to go get Paul from work and take him to get a new radiator hose for his truck. The hose burst on his way to work. I did stop by the Dollar General store on the way home and stock up on candy. Some progress was made on the mystery though. I've got all the strips for parts 2 and 3 sorted and pressed, ready to get started on. I did have to cut a few more strips of green to go with the full length strips of lights and more lights. I didn't have enough of the blue strips to do the whole quilt, so I've decided to use a different color for each part of the mystery, but keep the red so as not to loose the design. Using the strips I already had cut was how I justified starting a new project. So I'm trying to keep cutting more strips to a minimum. Today I want to get the strips I'll need for part 4 sorted and pressed, so I can put my left over strips back in the basket and out of the way. Part 5 calls for 2" strips. I hope the final part doesn't get posted before I get at least parts 2 and 3 completed. I got way behind trying to come up with good reasons why it was OK to do it. I've got too many quilts with dead lines I'm committed to, to start a new project with no specific reason for making it.

The Paradise Piecers Bee that I belong to meets every Thursday at a local church. The pastors birthday is in February, so January 31st, we are going to have a surprise birthday dinner for him and give him a lap quilt made from blocks that we have made.

This is the top. Denise is going to quilt it and Jan will bind it. Wennell donated the fabric for the backing.

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